Tarun has a degree in engineering from one of the most prestigious institutes of India. He continuously strives to improve himself and as a result has cracked the GMAT successfully.

He love sentence correction and can spend hours to demystify a single problem. This has alloweds him to go dig deep in the problem and come up with the best explanation. Critical Reasoning amazes him in the way that by applying real world logic one can easily crack even the most difficult problem.

He is passionate about bhangra folk dance and has a dream to join Bhangra Empire dance group based in California. That’s one of the reasons why Anderson and Berkeley are his dream B-schools.

Apart from this, he is never shy of setting up difficult goals for himself. Examples being- solving a Rubik’s cube within 30 sec and increasing the reading speed to 800 words/minute.

He loves teaching and finds it very satifying, almost similar to meditation. He feels it as something he would do for the rest of his life.

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