Kinjal can very well be a super hero in the world of GMAT. During the day, he is “Clark Kent” and rubs his shoulders with the best at Tepper school of business and the nights are when he becomes the “Superman” and mentors students for the GMAT. He has a passion both for technology and for teaching and this has given birth to a new way of teaching called the GMATIFY way.

He just looooooves teaching and cracking the toughest Sentence Correction Problems and in doing so, he has scored 760 (99%tile) with VA 44 (98%tile) in GMAT.

His story and passion for teaching is not new and the people who follow Pagalguy must know him. He has been helping students in Indian MBA space for last 5 years as a mentor in and has a proven record as a teacher and has contributed GMAT question items to one of the top 2 GMAT Preparation companies in the US. So he also knows how a test creator thinks and how the trap is set.

He is a current student at Tepper Business school and was admitted with a significant scholarship. In addition, he was admitted to other top schools too, but chose to attend Tepper because of his long term goals. So, he knows what to write and what not to write in those essays.

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