Who wants to be surrounded by problems? Anyone … Someone … No one? Well, Ankur does and he loves solving them too. . Starting off from a meagre 600 on the first mock CAT to finally ending up with a 99%ile 760 (Q50 V42 IR 8 AWA 5.5), Ankur knows what it takes to crack the GMAT.

You might think -So what if Ankur loves to solve problems. How does it help me? Well, Ankur loves teaching too and that too as much as he loves solving the problems. He has a unique way of solving problems called the GMATIFY-WAY and believes that GMAT destroyers are trained not born. He has been associated with GMAT Club for over 3 years and has been awarded the best performing moderator award – twice. He has helped many applicants crack the GMAT and gain admission to the top schools around the world by helping them with the GMAT, application process and interview preparation.

Ankur has a strong hand on writing applications too and has been admitted to the CMU Tepper and UNC – KF with a full scholarship

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