Why is Reading comprehension the most important section on Gmat !!!!

Why is Reading comprehension the most important section on Gmat !!!!

Why is it important to do well on Reading Comprehension section on the GMAT?

Reading comprehension is probably the most important section on the GMAT Verbal and also probably the most ignored one. A lot of students are of the notion that they can work on this section in just a few weeks before the exam and end up actually not doing very well on the section and subsequently not doing very well on the exam as a whole.

So why is Reading comprehension so important on the GMAT?
The reason is fairly simple if one understands how GMAT evaluates a student. A student is rewarded with more difficult questions when he is doing well on the exam and is penalized with lower difficulty questions when he is not doing well on the GMAT. So how is RC different from SC or CR?

Let’s take an example here where one gets a medium level RC passage, followed by four questions. If one was at, say 700 level, in the beginning of the RC and gets all four questions correct, then during the course of the passage he/she moves to a much higher level say at about 730 as the GMAT has rewarded the student with more difficult questions. On the other hand, if one does not pay too much attention while attempting the passage and gets majority of the questions incorrect in the passage, then the GMAT penalizes the student severely (for getting questions incorrect in one order) and gets him down to say 650 level. So, during the course of a passage, one can move 50-60 points either way.
Any student who aims to score in the higher 700s, will probably like to do well on the RC for this particular reason.

So how does one study and aims to do well on this section? We will be publishing an article soon!!

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