What are your short term and Long term goals post MBA?

What are your short term and Long term goals post MBA?

It is that time of the year again when the applicants will be putting in all they have to bag a seat in one of the most coveted B-Schools. By now most of you would have taken the GMAT and those of you who have not yet taken the GMAT, it is better to get it done as soon as possible.
The application season starts from Mid September (Round 1) and this means you should start writing your essays at least from mid of July if you are eying one of those Early Decision B-schools. The application will have a lot of components and you need to make sure that you do justice to all of them. Not even a single thing in the application should be taken lightly ; not even the bullet points that you write in your application form.
Having said this, often the most difficult part is the one about which you should be most comfortable with – writing the essays. Why should you be most comfortable in writing the essays? Why not, the essays talk about YOU and who knows you better than yourself. Why is this most difficult part? Well, because the essays talk about YOU and even though nobody else knows you better than yourself, you need to sit back and introspect a lot to find out about YOURSELF.
The one essay that is asked by most of the schools in one form or the other is “Talk about your short term and long term goals post MBA”

First things first: short term goals are the things you want to do 2 – 4 years after the MBA and long term goals are the things you want to do 6 – 8 years after the MBA. Now that you are clear with the timeline, let us move ahead.
“I want to be a consultant” – This here is a statement that is as dry as it can be and tells nothing about you.
“I want to be a consultant for firm A and work for the problems in B domain for the next 2 years. Post this, I want to grow in ranks and become C and head D geography.” Now this is what you call a well defined and thoughtful goal. This should be accompanied by a reason why you want to do it. And try to show a connection how you have gained transferable skills from your current workplace to achieve this.

How do you start?
Always remember “well begun is half done” There are literally thousands of students vying for the same seat and let’s be honest with us, most of them will not get the coveted seat.. So what do you need to do differently? You need to differentiate yourself. Do not write the essay in some template like the one that you might have followed for your AWA on the GMAT.
From the first line itself, try to differentiate and attract the attention of the reader. There must be a reason or a problem that attracted you towards this goal. Write it !! This can be a perfect opener and will give the reader insider information about your goals.

The meat
Post the introduction comes the meat of the essay. This is where you write in detail about
– What you have been doing till now
– What is the goal
– How does it connect
Research a lot about your goal and see what attributes are required of such positions. Then write how you have gained some of them and how you can utilize them to attain your goal. A well connected goal is much better that an isolated goal. The same is true for the career changers too. There must be some transferable attributes that you would have gained in your current job. Write them too !!

The conclusion
This is where you conclude and show them your vision. Insights and knowledge about the industry you want to work in. Talk about your long term goal and be as specific as you can. Talk to the people who are working in your aspired role and gather a lot of information. The more information you get, the easier it would be to write this essay.
However much you wish to skip this essay, you should write it. It does not matter is the schools requires it or not. Going through the process of introspection while writing this essay not only will give you the fodder for the application and the interview, but will also make you a lot clearer about your goals.

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