How to start off with your B-School Essays

How to start off with your B-School Essays

Step 1:

Start off with enlisting your significant life events in a word file in bullet points. The list should include all awards that you have won, any appreciation that you have received, any value addition which you have provided to your clients/employer, any important work that you’ve done etc. To summarize, anything that you find good about yourself, or which you think will paint you in a good light in the eyes of the adcom.
Your long term and short term goals. Just the goals.

Step 2:
Now look at the essays. Write 4 essay questions in 4 different word files.
Under each essay, see what you can plug in. Write that down in bullet points.
At this point in time, you may have some overlapping things across your essays, but do not worry about it.

Step 3:
Start writing and try to fit in the things which are most relevant to that particular essay prompt.
For instance, for the question “Why a particular School”, you can write about your experience at work and how it relates with the courses available at that school.

For “What will you bring to the school”, you can write about your skills, something you are good at and relate them to the different activities conducted at the school’s clubs.

Step 4:

Make sure to dig deep on the research that you do on that school. Almost everyone will write certain common golden points. Adcoms have a keen eye to figure out whether you have really researched the school. So, do not take a shortcut. Talking about just one activity that you would like to do on campus (with specific details and insights on why it means so much to you) is far more impactful than talking about a bunch of activities with no details to support your interest in them.

And most importantly: START WRITING. You will automatically find ways to go ahead
Happy Writing!

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