Categorizing your MBA interview questions

Categorizing your MBA interview questions

Categorizing your MBA interview questions

First things first, get a notebook!

Divide potential questions broadly under the following heads:

Questions about YOU
Eg: elevator pitch, strengths, weaknesses etc.

Questions about what you do
Eg: job profile, challenges, team skills, leadership skills etc.

Questions about what the company does
Eg: clients, market trends, domain etc.

Questions about your learning and experience
Eg: what did you learn at work place, extra-curriculars, how did you use it etc.

Questions on Goals
Eg: Long-term goals, short-term goals. How to achieve them without an MBA

Why MBA?
The must question

Why this school?
Another one. Make sure you research well about the school. Go through the brochure, website, find clubs, courses etc.

Post MBA questions
Eg: Post MBA industry, desired job profile. what if you do not get it.

What if not MBA
Plan B

Think of as many questions as you can and put them under one or the other category. Now think about the answers to each question.

After this, open your essays. Read them and try to find as many questions as you can find.
For Eg: if you have written some numbers, make sure you know how that is derived.
Questions about your innovation. What else could have been done etc.

Give your essays to someone else and ask then to find some questions for you from those essay.

One final thing: while thinking of the answers, try to focus on the learning not the task performed and always be forward thinking in your answers.
For instance if you worked for a NGO, tell what did you learn and what did you contribute.
Do not just say that you worked for the NGO. That’s not gonna help…

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