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We have cracked the GMAT and know what it takes to crack the exam as a non-native. In fact we know what it takes to breach the 99% barrier on the GMAT.
We started GMATIFY with an aim to help non-native students take the first step towards their dream school – the GMAT!!!

Focused Preparation

Focused Preparation

Focus on official questions

Clarify your doubts on the questions that matter

Interactive Sessions

Interactive Sessions

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Personalised learning plan

Personalised learning plan

Detecting strong and weak area

Constant performance feedback

Great Teachers

Great Teachers

GMAT 99%ile teacher

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Not just teachers but also great mentors


The students get to learn in live online classes hosted on video sharing platforms and not recorded lectures. Thus the students get a chance to ask their queries to the instructors then and there. If you have any other queries, head to our FAQ section

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Kinjal can very well be a super hero in the world of GMAT. During the day, he is “Clark Kent” and rubs his shoulders with the best at Tepper school of business and the nights are when he becomes the “Superman” and mentors students for the GMAT. He has a passion both for technology and for teaching and this has given birth to a new way of teaching called the GMATIFY way.

He just looooooves teaching and cracking the toughest Sentence Correction Problems and in doing so, he has scored 760 (99%tile) with VA 44 (98%tile) in GMAT.

His story and passion for teaching is not new and the people who follow Pagalguy must know him. He has been helping students in Indian MBA space for last 5 years as a mentor in and has a proven record as a teacher and has contributed GMAT question items to one of the top 2 GMAT Preparation companies in the US. So he also knows how a test creator thinks and how the trap is set.

He is a current student at Tepper Business school and was admitted with a significant scholarship. In addition, he was admitted to other top schools too, but chose to attend Tepper because of his long term goals. So, he knows what to write and what not to write in those essays.



Who wants to be surrounded by problems? Anyone … Someone … No one? Well, Ankur does and he loves solving them too. . Starting off from a meagre 600 on the first mock CAT to finally ending up with a 99%ile 760 (Q50 V42 IR 8 AWA 5.5), Ankur knows what it takes to crack the GMAT.

You might think -So what if Ankur loves to solve problems. How does it help me? Well, Ankur loves teaching too and that too as much as he loves solving the problems. He has a unique way of solving problems called the GMATIFY-WAY and believes that GMAT destroyers are trained not born. He has been associated with GMAT Club for over 3 years and has been awarded the best performing moderator award – twice. He has helped many applicants crack the GMAT and gain admission to the top schools around the world by helping them with the GMAT, application process and interview preparation.

Ankur has a strong hand on writing applications too and has been admitted to the CMU Tepper and UNC – KF with a full scholarship



GMAT is a testing Marathon that tests your passion, will and skill. Akhil has a good blend of these qualities and that has helped him guide his students in achieving their dream score. As an instructor, the most important thing is the will to make a difference in someone’s life by helping them in their journey to reach their goals. Akhil found his love for teaching while training people on derivatives and finance concepts at an Investment bank he was working in. Taking this further, he went ahead and trained people for GMAT by introducing the unique GMATIFY way.

Akhil has proved his skills in the Indian counterpart of the GMAT i.e. Common Admission Test. He has scored 99 percentiles in quants and 98 percentile overall. He has a score of 730 (Q50 V 40) on the GMAT and has been admitted to top schools with as much as 90% scholarships.



Tarun has a degree in engineering from one of the most prestigious institutes of India. He continuously strives to improve himself and as a result has cracked the GMAT successfully.

He love sentence correction and can spend hours to demystify a single problem. This has alloweds him to go dig deep in the problem and come up with the best explanation. Critical Reasoning amazes him in the way that by applying real world logic one can easily crack even the most difficult problem.

He is passionate about bhangra folk dance and has a dream to join Bhangra Empire dance group based in California. That’s one of the reasons why Anderson and Berkeley are his dream B-schools.

Apart from this, he is never shy of setting up difficult goals for himself. Examples being- solving a Rubik’s cube within 30 sec and increasing the reading speed to 800 words/minute.

He loves teaching and finds it very satifying, almost similar to meditation. He feels it as something he would do for the rest of his life.



With very days left for R2 deadlines for ISB, I was too panicked to get everything done for the ISB admission in time. The essays being the most critical part of the admission criteria I wanted to make them better by every passing day. But at the same time I did want to write them on my own without complete professional help, to avoid losing the originality in the stories. The GMATIFY essay help and Ankur’s guidance was really of help. And it gives me immense pleasure to have them as a part of my journey to ISB,Hyderabad.

Thanks For all the help!!

Chetna Parashar – ISB Class of 2017

Kinjal Sir 88%tile in actual GMAT SC section is dedicated to you. Along with your SC skills, I like your leadership skills. Thanks for motivating me countless times, when I was really down after repeated low score in mocks. Thanks for taking time out from your busy schedule, and guiding me when I needed it.

VISHWA (Improved from 570 to 670 on the GMAT)

I am glad that I opted for GMATIFY. After a disappointing first score, I came to know about GMATIFY from gmatclub and joined both the Basic and the Advanced classes. The basic classes were perfect for building the concepts that I lacked and the Advanced classes taught me the intricacies of problem solving. To top it up, the accessibility of the instructors was the icing on the cake.

AKSHAT (Improved from 640 to 720-Admitted to ISB)

Unlike all the other Online courses that are available, GMATIFY gives personal attention to each student. During my sessions with GMATIFY, I realised how much quality matters over quantity. Having the basic knowledge from my previous study, the only thing that I required was to sharpen my tools for the fight and GMATIFY’s unique test analysis helped me a lot.

HARDIL (Improved from 590 to 720)



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